Arthur Dawkins

Extracts from “My Recollections of the 2nd (Freemantle) Scout Group in the 1920s” by John Guilmant

He modelled himself upon Baden Powell. Short in stature and speech, stiffly erect, a bit stubby in build, and always wore formal Scout uniform, basically a khaki Army Officer’s Jacket with large pockets and breeches. The brim of his hat was absolutely perfect – honed every time out! I don’t think I ever saw him OUT of uniform! Certainly there was a remarkable resemblance to our famous leader Baden Powell.

Arthur Dawkins was a law unto himself as I found out 40 years later when as District Commissioner I made my first inspection of his Group. His work and character had not changed during all those years. He still wore the same kind of uniform, except the breeches. These had been replaced by khaki corduroy shorts! His office was still in the ground floor of the Barn and he was STILL revered and feared by one and all. Good discipline was everywhere – not only within his Troop but also in his own life.


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