WW1 and WW2

2nd Freemantle / Southampton City Wartime Research.

WAR YEARS: 1914-1918

The Troop was in camp at Winchester when war was declared in 1914. The Scoutmaster was called to carry out his duty with the Red Cross who were receiving wounded Belgian soldiers.

The rest of the camp was spent on Southampton Docks where the boys were kept busy acting as messengers and rolling bandages.

The 2nd Scout Troop also provided Scouts for duties with the British Red Cross Society. The voluntary Aid Detachment of Southampton Society, established first aid courses in the docks. [The scoutmaster was a quartermaster of the detachment]

1916 P.L Ben Cooke and P.L Sidney Burt were engaged on coast guard patrol work for many months, and also completed their first voyage as Scout signallers on a hospital ship.

1916 P.L Aldis and P.L Bowles also served aboard a hospital ship In the Second World War the evacuation depleted the Groups ranks but those who stayed behind played an active part in the war effort.

In 1916, 6 Scouts were serving on the hospital ship “Britannic” which hit a mine and sank in the Aegeon Sea. To find out more click here.

Scouts also took part in Air Raid Patrols and sounded the all clear on bugles when the danger was past .

The 2nd Southampton maintained a seven day a week messenger service for the docks, sewing embarkation staff and later the Royal Navy.

The Scouts also took part in civil defence duties and in salvage campaigns, collecting paper, bottles and jars.

The War Hospital 1915.

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Clifton House. Regents Park Road. Scout Lifton on far left.

Scouting Continues

Even with the breakout of war, it would seam that regular scouting still took place.

Scouts at Bridell Lodge, Shirley. Receiving proficiency badges. 1916

War Service Badges – 1917

  • 100 days: SHEPARD R, STEVENS D, ORBIT G .


The Fallen (WW1 and WW2)

The 2nd Freemantle Scout Group as it was know then, sadly lost many Scouts and Leaders, killed fighting for their country

  • Stubbings – Assistant Scoutmaster – R.E. Postal Service

  • Scory Percy – Assistant Scoutmaster – 9″‘ Hampshire Reg

  • Jonon Tom – Assistant Scoutmaster – Royal Medical Corp

  • Dafton T – Patrol Leader – R.T.A.

  • Baker T – Patrol Leader – R.T.A.

  • Fogarty R – Patrol Leader – R.T.A.

  • Maycock M – Patrol Leader – A.S.C.

  • Pond H – Scout – 9th Hampshire Reg

  • Pond Z – Scout – 9th Hampshire Reg

  • Higgins John – Scout – 5th Hampshire Reg

  • Marsden – Scout – 9th Hampshire

  • Gregory T – Ex Scout

  • Henry George Thomson Barter – Acting Gunner, HMS Exmouth.